Thursday, May 30, 2013

NL King - Marlins 13 Worst NL Roto Team Ever

Going into this season I think all of us roto players and especially NL only league players knew that the 2013 version of the Miami Marlins would be very bad. But did we all think it would be this bad? As of Wednesday morning the Marlins are 13-39, that's a .250 winning percentage. To put that in perspective the Marlins are on pace to win between 40 - 41 games this season. That will go down as one of the all time worst MLB seasons. They have a chance to be worse than the 62 Mets (40-120, .250 Winning %) & the 1935 Boston Braves (38-115, .248 Winning %). There are 3 teams worst than that but all were part of the dead ball era including the all time worst winning percentage the 1899 Cleveland Spiders who went 20-134 with a .130 winning percentage but all of you guys knew that already. On top of that from a Roto perspective it's probably been worse than their record.

- Only Ozuna has a batting average above .280 (.316 but only has 98 AB's). And only 3 Marlin hitters are hitting above .260

- Ruggiano has 8HR's no one else has more than 3.

- Only 2 players have scored more than 15 runs (Ruggiano & Pierre)

- Ruggiano has 22RBI but no one else has more than 12.

- Pierre has 13 Steals & Ruggiano has 7 but no one else has more than 2.

- GianCarlo Stanton who is an absolute stud has been a dud so far as he got off to a terrible start then when he finally looked like he was getting it gone he injured his hamstring badly. Stanton has missed most of May and his stats are 3HR, 9RBI, 8R, 1SB, .227 Avg

- Only Nolasco & Sanabia (who is now hurt) have at least 3 wins.

- Actually Nolasco, Slowey & Fernandez have been put good numbers albeit with very little wins.

- Steve Cishek has 6 saves but has been terrible as he has a 4.87 ERA & 1.48 Ratio & the Marlins are now using a closer by committee but again how many save chances does the team get.

Expect the Marlins to trade before the July 31st deadline Nolasco, Pierre, Slowey & Cishek as the Marlins are in full rebuild mode and Nolasco, Slowey & Pierre are free agents after the season. I do not expect Stanton to be traded until the off-season. It's going to be a few miserable seasons for the Marlins both in terms of the NL East standings as well as the Roto standings.

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