Wednesday, May 22, 2013

NL King - New Sheriff in Town and His Name is Goldschmidt

At the quarter poll of the season Paul Goldschmidt is emerging as one of the top NL Roto bats. Goldschmidt is entering his prime ages as he is just 25 and has had a good amount of major league success coming into this season. In 2011 Goldschmidt got called up to the Show mid summer and put up nice numbers in 48 games, 8HR, 26RBI, 28R, 4SB, .250 Avg, .333 OBP. Then going into last season Goldschmidt was given the chance to show he was an everyday player. Goldschmidt had a strong 1st full season in MLB so much so that the D-Backs signed Goldschmidt to a 5 year deal for 32 Million with a team option for a 6th year. Goldschmidt finished last season with 20HR, 82RBI, 82R, 18SB, .286 Avg, .359 OBP. Quietly Goldschmidt put up a 5 category season if you will. In fact even though he did not have the longest of resumes one had to think Goldschmidt was one of the top 5 1B in the NL going into this season.

Then this season happened and Godlschmidt has erupted. So far his stats are 12HR, 35RBI, 29R, 4SB, .333 Avg & .414 OBP. Goldschmidt is now the D-Backs number 3 hitter and he has a good supporting cast around him and plays in a very hitter friendly ballpark. You have heard me say many times that Arizona home park the ball flies there.

While I don't know if Goldschmidt will keep a .333 average up I expect a plus average from him at the minimum with big HR numbers close to 100 R & RBI and at least 15 steals to finish this season. In fact when this season ends I believe we will all consider Goldschmidt the #1 NL Fantasy Baseball 1B (yes passing Joey Votto) and one of the top fantasy hitters in the NL.

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