Wednesday, May 15, 2013

NL King - Segura What Did I Miss?

Okay what did I miss with Jean Segura ? I mean I read a lot of the preview magazines, read as many articles on-line on the upcoming season and they all said the same thing about the Brewers Starting Shortstop Jean Segura. Projects to be a nice fantasy player with speed, decent to good average and not a lot of pop and will start the season hitting towards the bottom of the lineup. Nowhere did it make comparisons to a young Alex Rodriguez of the Seattle Mariners or no one said Segura has sleeper breakout potential.

Going into last season Segura was considered a very good prospect as he was ranked 55th on Baseball America Top 100 for 2012. Segura had a good year in AA last year before getting traded to the Brewers in the Zack Greinke deal where he went 7HR, 44RBI, 57R, 37SB, .304 Avg. Segura finished the season with the Brewers last year and in 148AB's had 0HR, 14RBI, 19R, 7SB, .264 Avg. This year so far Segura is not just showing great stolen base potential but he is creaming the ball as Segura has 16 extra base hits and as of this morning his stat line is 7HR, 18RBI, 21R, 13SB, .359 Avg. Segura due to early season injuries got a chance to hit towards the top of the lineup and is running with the better placement in the lineup. Keep in the mind in the minors Segura never hit more than 10HR's in a season & in 102 Games last year in AA Segura had 25 extra base hits. In 36 games so far this year at the major league level like I said he has 16. What the heck happened here? No one saw this coming anywhere. The Brewers are so convinced that Segura is the real deal that they are talking long term contract with him even though he is not arbitration eligible until 2016. This is another example of how now every season in fantasy baseball they are so many unexplained situations with players both in a positive manner and a negative one. If you were lucky enough to draft Segura good for you.

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