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NL King - Struggling Starting Pitchers

Okay today we take a look at the struggling starting pitchers in the NL at this point and time. Originally I was going to do a combo article of struggling starting pitchers and on closers an overall view but I don't want to short change either topic so each gets it's own article. Today is struggling starting pitchers.

NL East:
Gio Gonzalez - Wsh:
Gio is off to a slow start and it's easy to see why as Gonzalez has walked 20 hitters in his 1st 38 IP and given up 5 Home Runs already. Keep in mind Gio walked a total of 76 hitters in 199+ IP last year while only giving up 9 Home Runs last year. Gio will be fine as long as the walks come down.

Roy Halladay - Phil:
Other than a couple of starts Doc has been awful. He got destroyed yesterday by a Marlins team that did not have Stanton in the lineup. Halladay with his 8.65 ERA & 1.46 Ratio is now heading to the DL with shoulder issues. From what you read it seems Halladay was dealing with ailments last year which most likely effected his performance. This spring Halladay was taking about changing mechanics due to these ailments last year which was a warning sign. Halladay is 36 next week and with his contract not guranteed for next season (vested option) this could mean the beginning of the end of a guy who is considered the #1 pitcher in all of baseball going into last season.

NL Central:
Marco Estrada - Mil:
The K's are there, the problem is in just 38 2/3 IP has allowed 11HR's. That is not going to work.

Yovani Gallardo - Mil:
Has been his his usual inconsistent self and while I expect him to finish the year with good numbers thats why I consider Gallardo a tease and a very frustrating player to own.

Edwin Jackson - Chi:
I know for Roto purposes he is considered a depth starter but Jackson has been so bad it's ridiculous. Almost as ridiculous of the contract the Cubs gave him in the off-season (4 years 52 Mil).

James McDonald - Pitt:
Looks like McDonald is the pitcher who finished the season last year and not the won who was strong for the first 4 months. 20 walks in 29 2/3 IP is not going to work.

Wily Peralta - Mil:
He isn't fooling anyone 55 Baserunners in 33 IP.

NL West:
Josh Beckett - LA:
Lets face it after he got his last big contract from the Red Sox it does not seem like Beckett has really cared how he has performed.

Matt Cain - SF:
I know the usual reliable Matt Cain is off to a rocky start but he got the train back on track last night and I expect Cain to be fine.

Ian Kennedy - Arz:
Starting to remind of Gallardo but with not as good of stuff. I told everyone in the pre-season article I would worry about his maturity level.

Brandon McCarthy - Arz:
Has been beyond awful. I thought as long as he can stay healthy and pitch 150 innings which is a big if for him McCarthy would be a good pitcher. But leaving the Oakland Coliseum and going into Arizona where the ball flies and switching leagues has not helped McCarthy. I wouldn't abandon ship but you have a right to be very concerned.

Clayton Richard - SD:
Had a nice year last year albeit with not a lot of K's but off to a horrible start and now on the DL with a stomach ailment. Ironic considering how many upset stomach's he has given his roto owners.

Ryan Vogelsong - SF:
The steady Eddie from the last 2 years has been kidnapped. I would think Vogelsong would turn it around to at least a certain degree but keep in mind 2 years ago the Giants got Vogelsong off the scrap heap.

Edison Volquez - SD:
This guy must be maddening to own with his inconsistencies.

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