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NL King - Unexpected Surpises by Position

Okay so I am going to break down by position the big unexpected surprises in the NL so far this year and what to expect going forward.

Stats as of Wednesday am 5/22

John Buck - NY - 10HR, 31RBI, 21R, 1SB, .224 Avg
Starting to cool off and the Mets play him almost every game because they have a AA player as their backup and hardly anyone is hitting in Mets lineup. I am predicting he will wear down tremendously.

Evan Gattis - Atl - 9HR, 23RBI, 16R, 0SB, .254 Avg
This cinderalla story is making the Braves think let Brian McCann walk after this year.

First Base:
Yuniesky Betancourt - Mil - 8HR, 26RBI, 14R, 0SB, .230 Avg
Reality is starting to set in as he is 6 for last 47 with zero stats other than 2 RBI. Only got a chance by Brew Crew because of all of their injuries, glass slippery is falling off & Corey Hart will be back soon.

Second Base:
Matt Carpentar - Stl - 3HR, 15RBI, 34R, 0SB, .293 Avg
Super utility player is being given a chance to play every day and giving good production. Keep in mind Cards have a real good 2B prospect in AAA in Kolten Wong so Carpentar needs to keep producing.

Shortstop #1:
Jean Segura - Mil - 7HR, 20RBI, 26R, 14SB, .353 Avg
Already written on article on him how he is playing like A-Rod in his prime. I have no clue what to tell you.

Shortstop #2 - No 3B so you get 2 SS
Brandon Crawford - SF - 5HR, 23RBI, 24R, 0SB, .283 Avg
Already career high for HR in a season, 1st 2 seasons hit a combined .213. Time will tell if he unlocked something or this is a mirage.

Outfield #1
Domonic Brown - Phil - 8HR, 23RBI, 16R, 2SB, .248 Avg
At the end of Spring was talking about he would start the year in AAA then Delmon Young got hurt. The former top prospect is off to a very good start. His name will be in the lineup everyday as long as he contributes.

Outfield #2
Carl Crawford - LA - 5HR, 11RBI, 26R, 8SB, .297 Avg
Considering he was still dealing with injuries late in the spring, producing at this level is a major surprise. Huge injury risk going forward.

Outfield #3
AJ Pollock - Arz - 4HR, 15RBI, 20R, 5SB, .246 Avg
D-Backs have a lot of outfielders and Adam Eaton is on the comeback trail so he needs to continue to produce because a lot of competition in that OF. Has cooled off the last 2 weeks.

Starting Pitcher #1
Matt Harvey - NY - 5W, 1.55 ERA, 0.72 Ratio, 68K in 63 2/3 IP
Are we surprised he has been good no but are we surprised he is pitching like Koufax yes. Harvey looks like the real deal.

Starting Pitcher #2
Patrick Corbin - Arz - 7W, 1.44 ERA, 0.98 Ratio, 51K in 62 1/3 IP
Won the 5th starting spot late in the spring, he was a guy who could be someone you got at the end of the draft for a cheap price who could be a depth starter but instead he is pitching like his going to win the Cy Young. Corbin has to cool off hard to believe he is a front of the rotation starter.

Starting Pitcher #3
Scott Feldman - Cubs - 4W, 2.19 ERA, 1.16 Ratio, 39K in 49 1/3 IP
Had over a 5 ERA last year granted was for the Rangers in the AL but this magic carpet ride will cool off soon.

Starting Pitcher #4
Travis Wood - Cubs - 4W, 2.24 ERA, 0.93 ERA, 39K in 60 1/3 IP
You forget he had a very impressive rookie year and then the last 2 years kind of lost his way. Again he is not a front of the rotation starter but very easily can be great secondary guy.

Starting Pitcher #5
Jeff Locke - Pitt - 4W, 2.73 ERA, 1.16 Ratio, 32K in 52 2/3 IP
Was fighting in spring for 5th starting spot and is pitching like front end guy. Again a nice prospect in the Pirates system but more of a strong secondary guy than a front end guy.

Jason Grilli - Pitt - 0W, 18SV, 1.31 ERA, 0.77 Ratio, 32K in 20 2/3 IP
Has been a strong 8th inning man last 2 years of his career and the Pirates thought he had the mentality to be a closer and they were right. However this will not be a year for Grilli circa 2003 Eric Gagne

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