Tuesday, June 18, 2013

NL King - The All NL End of Draft Squad

Listed below is the team one could have put together with all these players, as almost all of them in an NL only draft what at the very end of the draft at the lowest prices. Some of these guys you could have got in the reserve rounds or they may not have even been drafted at all.

Catcher - Evan Gattis- Atl - 14HR, 37RBI, 24R, 0SB, .252 Avg
Unfortunately he just landed on the DL with an oblique but look at the thunder he has provided already.

First Base - Kyle Blanks - SD - 8HR, 26RBI, 23R, 1SB, .282 Avg
Are we heading for another Dominic Brown situation out west?

Second Base - Matt Carpentar - Stl - 5HR, 25RBI, 52R, 1SB, .316 Avg
Yes he started the year as the so called starter but most leagues you could have got him for a song on draft day.

Shortstop - Brandon Crawford - SF - 5HR, 28RBI, 33R, 1SB, .285 Avg
Providing nice numbers across the board. Never hit for a good average until this year.

Third Base - Eric Chavez - Arz - 7HR, 25RBI, 18R, 1SB, .325 Avg
Still on the DL with oblique but should be back no later than end of the month and look at the production he has provided.

Outfield - Domonic Brown - Phil - 19HR, 49RBI, 34R, 8SB, .280 Avg
Pretty much a 5 category guy at the end of the draft.

Outfield - Nate Schierholtz - Cubs - 9HR, 26RBI, 26R, 4SB, .297 Avg
Quiet 5 category player production so far.

Outfield - Chris Denorfia - SD - 4HR, 22RBI, 27R, 7SB, .282 Avg
Provides great depth

Starting Pitcher - Patrick Corbin - Arz - 9W, 2.28 ERA, 1.01 Ratio, 74K
Went from barely making the team to an ace

Starting Pitcher - Mike Leake - Cinn - 7W, 2.64 ERA, 1.22 Ratio, 62K
Has eliminated the blow out starts

Starting Pitcher - Jeff Locke - Pitt - 6W, 2.19 ERA, 1.14 Ratio, 60K
Again made the team at the end of Spring Training and has produced like a front of the rotation starter.

Staring Pitcher - Scott Feldman - Cubs - 6W, 3.05 ERA, 1.10 Ratio, 60K
Went from an over 5 ERA in the AL to slightly above 3 in the NL and that's pitching in Wrigley. Have to love the NL

Starting Pitcher - Francisco Liriano - Pirates - 5W, 2.44 ERA, 1.25 Ratio, 55K
Pitches like this but couldn't pass his physical on the original contract?

Closer - Edward Mujica - Stl - 0W, 20SV, 2.03 ERA, 0.68 Ratio, 27K
Most leagues at best was taken in the reserve rounds.

Setup Man - Rex Brothers - Col - 2W, 3SV, 0.30 ERA, 1.20 Ratio, 29K
That ERA is not a misprint

Setup Man - Mark Melancon - Pitt - 1W, 1SV, 1.05 ERA, 0.90 Ratio, 37K
It's easier for a lot of reasons to pitch in the NL for the Pirates or Houston when they were in the NL vs for the Red Sox.

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