Wednesday, June 05, 2013

NL King - Bosch Investigation & Fantasy Baseball

As everyone has heard by now it seems over the next 2 weeks MLB is going to come down with suspensions due to this Tony Bosch clinic investigation. Bosch has struck a deal with MLB and is going to testify and provide documentation on some 20 players or so he reportedly treated. There are a number of points to discuss

- In terms of the NL players the investigation includes Ryan Braun as well as Gio Gonzalez & Yasmani Grandal. On the AL side there is Alex Rodriguez, Melky Cabrera & Nelson Cruz. Those are some of the big names.

- Obviously Bosch will name names and make statements these players took illegal performance enhancing substances but what does that mean coming from Tony Bosch?

- Bosch will also provide documentation. Will these be blood samples, papers what are we dealing with here? Is there any actual videos of the players at Bosch's clinic?

- This investigation should be finished over the next couple of weeks and MLB will hand down suspensions and in some cases want 100 game suspensions not 50 games. MLB wants to suspend A-Rod & Braun for 100 games.

- The players will definitely appeal this investigation and this will go to arbitration bank on it.

- Per the agreement between the players union and owners no one is suppose to know what players is under proposed suspension if they appeal, until that appeal process is over and only if such player(s) lose that appeal. However leaks happen look at the last time Braun quote unquote failed his last test. Bank on it these names will be released, someone from the media will have a source.

Based on what I am reading I am not sure of the time line how this will be decided. In Ryan Braun case it was done in the off-season but the players have to be given a reasonable amount of time to present their case and they can still play while they appeal. Anything can happen but I believe that if this gets finalized during the season and ultimately suspensions are handed down it would be towards the latter part of the season and not over the next month or so. However we have to get all the facts straight before we can figure all of this out. We should know more over the next couple of weeks. Also keep in mind the term "chain of evidence" regarding suspensions. Remember in Braun's case he was ruled in his favor because the courier in that case did not follow the letter of the law in terms of processing Braun's samples. Because of that fact the arbitrator ruled for Braun. How does MLB win their cases against these players with the chain of evidence factor? This is a story we all must watch and I am not saying that if you own these players you have nothing to worry about in terms of losing them at a certain point and time this year to a suspension. But MLB has a high threshold to pass to win their cases. Stay Tuned !!!!

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