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NL King - The Brown Effect & Inj Closers

Today I am going to talk about Domonic Brown. A lot of people are talking about how surprised they are with the year that Domonic Brown is having. Let's look at his stats going into Monday's action:

2013 Stats:
202 AB's, 16HR, 40RBI, 27R, 4SB, .282 Avg, .321 OBP, 25 Extra base hits.

Should we be surprised with Brown first 2 months? Yes and no, boy do I sound like a politician. Brown going into Spring training of 2011 was ranked as the 4th best prospect in all of MLB by Baseball America. To get that kind of ranking you have to be considered a blue chip prospect and one very capuable of being an all-star player. But yet Brown who played in 56 games both in 2011 & 2012 with the Phils showed very little, nothing extraodrinary. In fact during this Spring the Phillies who signed Delmon Young in the off-season who seemed more like a DH said that Brown will be sent to AAA to start the year. This was not a ringing endorsement by the Phillies, in fact this was a very bad sign for Brown and what his organization thought of him. Brown who is now 25 is at an age where he needs to show if he will be a player or not. However the injury late in the Spring to Delmon Young could be the best thing that ever happened to Brown & the Phillies as Brown made the roster had a very good April and an excellent May and now has a good chance to make the all-star game next month. How did all of this happen? Remember my article last week on Ike Davis talking about Ike's performance and Pete Sampras and confidence? In my opinion that has a lot to do with it. Brown always had 5 tool talent but he finally relaxed, had more confidence and belief and probably stopped letting the pressure of being a huge prospect get to him. Teams also have to remember in regards to their prospects even the blue chip prospects that asking young kids to emerge on the scene and be big time players right away is not fair. It takes time sometimes for young players to develop and teams need to show patience which many of them do not. I cannot gurantee Brown's performance will continue on this pace but he sure does look like a fixture in the Phils outfield and lineup for years to come.

Injured Closers Notes:
Both Houston Street & Rafael Betancourt just landed on the DL last couple of days giving Luke Gregerson of the Padres and probably Rex Brothers of the Rockies a chance to show their organizations if they are capable of being closers. Both have excellent stuff and are having excellent years the question is do they have the mental makeup to be a closer?

L.Gregerson - SD - 26G, 25 2/3 IP, 3W, 1SV, 1.05 ERA, 0.66 Ratio, 19K
R.Brothers - Col - 27G, 24 2/3 IP, 1W, 1SV, 0.36 ERA, 1.22 Ratio, 25K

Betancourt will most certainly be a free agent after the season (4.25 Mutual Option for the 37 year old) & Street has 1 more year to go on his contract (7 Mil guranteed for 2014 with team option for 7 Mil in 2015). The Pads will most certainly not be in even a wild card race so if a team like the Cards come calling looking for a proven closer and willing to give up a prospect or two that can make a lot of sense. In terms of the Rockies as long as they are in at least a wild card race (30-27 going into Monday's action) I believe they will hold on to Betancourt for the rest of the year and have him be the closer provided that he is healthy. However if they fall out of the race he will be moved Brothers will get to show the chance he can close from that point on through the end of the season.

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