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NL King - Cole & Wheeler Next Week

Word is coming down now that the Super 2 deadline has passed that both Gerrit Cole of the Pirates & Zack Wheeler of the Mets are expected to make their MLB debuts next week. Cole is scheduled this coming Tuesday the 11th and Wheeler next Friday the 14th to make their MLB debuts. Lets take a look at them both.

Gerrit Cole (Age 22):
The number 1 overall pick of the 2011 draft is ready for the show. Was rated as the 7th best prospect by Baseball America on their 2013 Top 100 rankings. Here are Cole's stats this year so far in AAA.

2013 Stats:
5-3, 2.91 ERA, 1.06 Ratio, 47K in 68 IP

Was part of my top prospects spring training article that could make a fantasy impact this year. As I wrote then has drawn comparisons to Justin Verlander and the Pirates are hopefully Cole will be a front of the rotation starter if not an ace for years to come. Cole has not lit up the K's this year but did average a K per inning last year in the minors in 132 IP. One thing to keep in mind is Cole is entering a pennant race on a good team so how does he handle that pressure? Having said that everyone in MLB loves this kid's ability.

Zack Wheeler (Age 23):
Wheeler came over to the Mets in the Carlos Beltran trade back in the summer of 2011. Can be argued GM Sandy Alderson best move since become the Met GM. Wheeler was the 6th player taken overall in the 2009 draft. Was rated as the 11th best prospect by Baseball America on their 2013 Top 100 Rankings. Here are Wheeler's stats this year so far in AAA.

2013 Stats:
4-1, 3.86 ERA, 1.30 Ratio, 59K in 58 1/3 IP

Again part of my top prospects article during spring training and I said is being projected as front of the rotation starter. Keep in mind Wheeler has pitched for the Mets farm team in AAA which is Vegas which is a tough league for a pitcher. I have a couple of concerns for Wheeler in terms of what he will do this year in 2013. First off there have been so many expectations placed on Wheeler since the Mets acquired him 2 summers ago that he will be expected to show up at Citi Field and be an ace on day 1. Also due to Matt Harvey ridiculous success Wheeler might feel this is the level he needs to be at on day 1 and put undue pressure on himself. In terms of big picture everyone in MLB feels Wheeler will be a front of the rotation starter.

These two talented youngsters can help your teams for the rest of the season but remember they are youngsters. So if you acquire them via your leagues waiver wire or free agency do not expect them to be a saviors to your team. They are capable of having a big summer because they have a lot of talent but they are rookies so if they can be good players for you the rest of this season be very happy with that. In the case of Wheeler he is going to pitch for not a good team and honestly we don't know what the Pirates are just yet. But having said all that I recommend landing these players just keep enthusiasm under control.

Everyone have a great weekend.

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