Tuesday, June 11, 2013

NL King - Ike Davis & The Mets

Well over the weekend the Mets sent down Ike Davis to AAA Vegas. Ike could never get it going (5HR, 16RBI, 16R, 0SB, .161 Avg in 186 AB's). The Mets gave Ike as long as he did because last season Ike got off to awful start and then got it all together and finished with a stat line of 32HR, 90RBI, 66R, 0SB, .227 Avg. Yes the average was bad but that was a reflection on how bad Ike hit at the beginning of the season (Ike hit .255 in the 2nd half & .201 in the 1st half).

The Mets game plan is for Ike to work on his swing, stop having a ton of people telling him what to do and get his confidence back in Vegas AAA for 3 weeks to a month and then come back to Citi Field for the 2nd half of the season being a good power hitting 1B.

Quite frankly the Mets have so many holes to fill going forward they need Ike to be a good player. Even with the franchise David Wright at 3B, Daniel Murphy providing production at 2B, D'Arnaud behind the plate (provided he can stay healthy), Harvey, Wheeler & Niese in the front of the rotation & Parnell closing the Mets have a lot of holes to fill and that's with Ike being a solid option at 1B. The Mets need a whole outfield, a Shortstop, depth at the back of the rotation and in the bullpen. The Mets while they do have some top prospects after their top 5 kids the Mets system falls into the abyss. The Mets will have close to 60 million coming off the books after this season between Johan Santana, Jason Bay & Frank Francisco so one would think they will get some players via free agency. Alderson believes in the theory of buying a bunch of good players such as Victorino or Swisher instead of the huge name on the market such as Josh Hamilton.

So why do I bring all this up regarding the Mets for fantasy baseball purposes? The Mets need Ike to work out for the 2nd half be it if he will be part of their core of their team going forward or to trade him in the winter and get good value. The Mets are hoping 3-4 weeks in Vegas Ike will clear his head and get his confidence and his swing going and have a big 2nd half. Ike's father Ron Davis is a former major leaguer and lives in Arizona so maybe Pops can go over to Vegas for a bit and help his son both with his swing & confidence? So Ike owners stash him on your reserve lists and don't give up on him quite yet. Ike was a huge power source in the 2nd half of last season (20HR's final 66 games he played in).

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