Monday, June 10, 2013

NL King - Logo, Colvin & D.Hudson

Today's article will break down some thoughts on news over the weekend that involves this trio. As an owner of Morrison & Colvin I am glad to see them back on a MLB roster.

Logan Morrison:
Got activated from the 60 day DL yesterday and went 2 for 4 with a run scored. As we entered Spring Training Morrison was coming back from September knee surgery and the word was by the 3rd week of April Morrison would be with the Marlins. I myself thought that was a bit aggressive and thought early May but when Morrison got put on the 60 day DL in April that meant early June. Morrison is 25 and has very good amount of potential to be a really good player, not a star but a solid cog in the wheel. However Morrison is hitting in a pitchers park, not exactly playing with a cast that would be confused with the 27 Yankees and is coming off a knee surgery. So I would expect for the month of June for Morrison to get into the swing of things and if he is going to have a very good season expect that to happen from July 1st or post all star break on. Morrison did have a strong 2011 (23HR's & 25 doubles) but needs to work on his average (lifetime .251 hitter) and needs to be more focused on and off the field and not get into anymore squabbles with team coaches & management. As long as that knee is feeling good Morrison should hit behind Stanton and can be a nice contributor with potential to be more than that.

Tyler Colvin:
What happened to Tyler Colvin is very confusing to say the least. When you consider what Colvin did for the Rocks last year (18HR, 72RBI, 62R, 7SB, .290 Avg in 420AB's) and that he can play all 3 outfield positions as well as first base, so when the Rockies sent Colvin down on the last day of team cuts is more than perplexing. The Rockies said that Colvin didn't get enough AB's in the spring even though this spring training was extended due to the world baseball classic and Colvin was not injured. On top of that Colvin was buried in AAA until this past Saturday June 8th when the Rockies called him up. Furthermore to figure out what the Rockies were doing was how much playing time Eric Young Jr was getting despite his poor performance this year (.238 Avg, .286 OBP in 179 AB's & 56 games). So I have no idea what Colvin did to get banished to the minors for a little over 2 months. I can tell you just locally here in New York if Tyler Colvin was in the NY Mets organization he not only would be playing everyday he would be the cleanup hitter. Many teams would fall under this category for Colvin in terms of at least a good amount of playing time. Colvin should play like his hair is on fire now that he is back with the Rockies (played in 2 games over the weekend and had 2RBI & 1R). Colvin should take the attitude like the REM song"Living Well is the Best Revenge". Colvin should go out there and play well and show the Rockies how foolish they were how they handled him. Between Young Jr performance, Pacheco (no power with .278 Avg), Cuddyer staying healthy and Helton on his last year of his year deal probably last year of his career, Colvin will get AB's if he plays like he did last season. Remember Colvin hit 20HR's for the Cubs in less than 400AB's in 2010 so last year was not the first good year for Colvin. I believe Colvin has a good chance to be a nice player the rest of the season and with his ability to play all those positions in the outfield and at 1B should allow Colvin to get a good amount of AB's from here on out.

Daniel Hudson:
It seemed like Daniel Hudson was on his way to back to the D-Backs around the all-star break but unfortunately Daniel Hudson retorn the ligament in his right elbow and will need another Tommy John surgery which means we won't see D.Hudson until at least July 2014. Terrible news for the kid but he is just 26 years old so hopefully he can get past these horrible injuries and get back to the pitcher he was for the Diamondbacks. One thing we all have to remember about pitchers is how easy it is for these guys to get major injuries. Beginning of the year we saw it with Jason Motte and like most fantasy owners with any of our pitchers on our team we just hold our breath during the season that no one gets a major injury. Good luck to Daniel Hudson on getting back.

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