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NL King - MLB Free Agnecy Next 2 Years

I thought a good article would be on free agency in MLB this coming off-season and next. This can dictate trades coming up be it before this summer's deadlines or this off-season and of course effect the fantasy landscape especially from an NL only league perspective. In terms of being a fan of a team you will see that free agency the next two years is not a loaded list.

2014 Free Agents (Free Agents after the 2013 Season)

The Elite:
Robinson Cano - By far the #1 free agent and the Yankees do not want to lose Cano in the worst way and Cano wants to stay in this worse way. Ownership and his new agents have been talking quietly during the season and I wouldn't be surprised to see an agreement reached this summer.

Jacob Ellsbury - Capable of some very big years but also has been very injury prone and will be 30 next year. Scott Boras is his agent so it will take a mega deal. It seems Ellsbury who is a West Coast kid is not happy in Boston and I would look for a change of scenery.

Shin-Soo Choo - Having his best year in 3 years and again Boras is his agent so the then 31 year old will be looking for a mega pay day.

Low 30 Year Old High Quality Bats:
Nelson Cruz - Strong corner outfield power bat but part of the Miami investigation which could really hurt his free agency.

Curtis Granderson - Has been hurt all year but even outside Yankee stadium can be a 30HR, 100R guy who can play Center Field for the next 2 years easy.

Corey Hart - Strong power bat and can play 1B & OF and the fact he has been hurt all season maybe can get for a reasonable price in off-season. Has been with Brewers since mid way 06 so good chance Brewers keep him especially if deal is reasonable.

Brian McCann - Will be 30 next February and with the mileage on McCann & Gattis on the roster Braves & freeing up a big number in payroll Braves might move on.

Kendrey Morales - Perfect fit would be an AL team where he can DH and a homer haven kind of ballpark like Camden.

Michael Morse - Big power and can play 1B & OF. Could be great fit for Mets.

Mike Napoli - His body and hip might be all beat up but having another quality season. Based on his health might have to go on incentive laden year to year contracts.

Hunter Pence - Having the best year of his career and played in competitive markets such as Philly & SF already in his career.

Mark Reynolds - Low average and a lot of K's but a lot of Pop and can play 1B & 3B.

Vet Bats Over 35 - Beware of Injury
Carlos Beltran (Oscar Taveras probably means Cards move on), Paul Konerko (been with White Sox forever might retire) & Chase Utley (2 bad knees not sure what happens with him but figure incentive 1 year deal from somebody).

There is no #1 starters or ace closers available in this free agent class. Field is lead by 2nd tier and nice to good starters. Very thin in terms of relievers. Arroyo, AJ Burnett (said he might retire), De La Rosa, Feldman, Garza, Halladay, Hughes, Josh Johnson (Great stuff but needs consistency & health big IF for him), Kuroda (wants to finish his career in Japan), Lincecum (another below avg year is the magic gone?), Maholm, Nolasco, F.Rodney, & E.Santana.

The following year class of 2015:
Sounds like Clayton Kershaw is close to signing a huge extension with the Dodgers which would mean he would not be apart of this free agent class. The big free agents of this class left would be R.Martin, M.Cuddyer, A.Cabrera, JJ Hardy, J.Lowrie, H.Ramirez, C.Headley, P.Sandoval, M.Cabrera, B.Gardner, J.Willingham, H.Bailey, R.Dempster, J.Peavy, J.Grilli, J.Johnson, J.Motte, C.Perez, JJ Putz & S.Romo. Some good players for sure but almost everyone has question marks / flaws to their game or situation.

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