Monday, June 24, 2013

NL King - NL Team by Team Thoughts

Lets get a thought or two on each NL team shall we.

Brandon Beachy injury setback should remind Fantasy Baseball owners that until a player is activated he is not off the DL. After Justin Upton's April I really thought this would be a monster year for him instead he has been awful.

Has anyone noticed the year Ian Desmond has had? I know it's not the year Segura of the Brewers is having but Desmond reaffirming last years breakout season.

After I wrote look for the Phillies to really look into rebuilding with Lee & Papelbon, GM Reuben Amaro denied his team would rebuild. Hmmm, obviously the Phillies GM reads the NL King. I don't believe him Phillies going wrong way and getting old with a high payroll. That's a bad combo if the right deals are there the Phils would be foolish not to rebuild.

If Niese has to have him major surgery that will keep him out until next summer that's a huge blow for the Mets. As thin as their organization is that's a blow they cannot take. With Duda now on the DL smart move keeping Ike in AAA Vegas. While Ike is hitting some HR's still way too many strikeouts down there with a bad average.

This past week called Stanton a building block. While I don't think he will be traded before the deadline I don't trust a thing the Marlins say. I can easily see Stanton traded this off-season.

I be surprised if Cards do not get proven closer by July 31st deadline for the September pennant race and playoffs as good as Mujica has been.

After a strong start to the season Todd Frazier has been ice cold.

Braun thumb injury probably means we do not see him until at least right after the all-star break. Hart who knows at this point.

So glad to see them playing well, the GM needs to get a proven 5th place RBI guy for the 2nd half for this team.

Everyone is talking about Garza being on the trade market and will be moved by July 31st but what about Scott Feldman who is also a free agent at the end of the year?

Aaron Hill is inching closer and closer back and it seems like David Hernandez is finally going to get his chance to show he can be a closer.

San Fran:
Pagan injury sounds really really bad. With Pence, Lincecum & Zito all becoming free agents after the season that's 56 Million coming off the payroll.

San Diego:
How is this team over .500 and in a penant & wild card race with that roster?

If Rocks fall out of race and with the year Cuddyer is having be a perfect trade chip for them. He would be the perfect fit for Pirates.

Will be interesting to see how the Dodgers react to this season if they don't get on a roll after spend spend spend philiosphy. Ethier would be the logical guy to trade but with his back loaded contract and bad year at this point LA will have to east a lot of that money.

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