Wednesday, June 19, 2013

NL King - Top 5 NL Hitters For 2013 So Far

I am going to break down the top 5 NL Fantasy Hitters as of Monday morning June 17th. All stats shown are reflecting through games played June 16th.

Coming in at #5 we have Hunter Pence

Hunter Pence - 11HR, 38RBI, 41R, 13SB, .297 Avg
Can you say contract year? Pence is running again as Pence did not break double digit steals the last 2 full seasons and already has 13. Also so far great rebound from his career low season average of .253 last year.

Coming in at #4 we have Paul Goldschmidt

Paul Goldschmidt - 15HR, 59RBI, 45R, 6SB, .301 Avg
Goldy has cooled off recently but still across the board huge production. Last year he was a quiet 5 category player this year there is nothing quiet about his game.

Coming in at #3 we have Jean Segura

Jean Segura - 10HR, 30RBI, 40R, 19SB, .330 Avg
No doubt the biggest surprise of the group by a country mile. Do you think the Angels regret giving up Segura in the Greinke deal? 5 Category player at Shortstop as Patrick McEnroe the tennis announcer would say "HELLO!"

Coming in at #2 we have Carlos Gomez

Carlos Gomez - 12HR, 37RBI, 43R, 13SB, .318 Avg
Showing last year was not a fluke and that the contract extension did not impact his focus. For years he was a guy who could give you 15 to 20 steals and not much more but with a poor average. No more.

And the #1 hitter in the NL is, drum roll please

Number One is Carlos Gonzalez

Carlos Gonzalez - 20HR, 56RBI, 57R, 13SB, .316 Avg
His talent, his tools, the lineup he is in, the ballpark all adds up to a monster year for Cargo as he just needed to stay healthy (has only missed 2 games so far this year) & be more consistent. Many people have been waiting for this year the last couple of years.

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