Friday, June 14, 2013

NL King - Tulo & Rutledge

Well bad news yesterday for the Rockies. The screams you heard yesterday all over your towns were from Troy Tulowitzki owners. Tulo was having a great season (16HR, 51RBI, 41R, 0SB, .347 Avg) in 61 games. Now with a broken rib Tulo will be out 4-6 weeks which will mean he will miss roughly a little over 30 games.

Unfortunately this is nothing new for Tulo. Granted over the news Tulo has got a lot of bad luck freak injuries but the bottom line is Tulo misses games. Going into this season Tulo had 6 seasons where he entered the year as the starting shortstop for the Rockies on opening day. In those 6 years Tulo has played at least 150 games twice & 140+ games three times. Three years Tulo has been under 125 with the worst being last year with just 47 games played. This injury will probably mean Tulo won't hit 130 games this season.

Bad news for one set of owners is good news for another set of owners as Josh Rutledge is on his way back to the majors to play every day due to this injury. Rutledge was sent down a 3 weeks ago or so and while his batting average wasn't good his other numbers were not bad especially when you consider the average (43G, 5HR, 13RBI, 26R, 5SB, .242 Avg). Rutledge is going to get to play everyday and get a chance to show the Rockies that what he did last year in the 2nd half is what the Rockies can expect going forward. It will be an interesting time for both Rutledge & LeMahieu (23G, 0HR, 4RBI, 8R, 7SB) to show the Rockies what each one is about before Tulo comes back and the Rocks made a decision going forward. If Rutledge is somehow on your waiver wire in your leagues pick him up.

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