Tuesday, July 02, 2013

NL King - NL West Up fo Grabs & Cueto

Has anyone noticed the NL West standings going into Monday nights action. Here is the standings:

Arizona         42-39  ---
Colorado       41-42   2
San Diego     40-42   2.5
San Fran        39-42   3
LA Dodgers  38-43   4

This division with all the teams either at .500 or slightly above or below is totally up for grabs. All of sudden the Dodgers are right in the thick of things. Given the records of the Pirates, Cardinals & Reds the 2 NL wild card teams are coming out of the NL Central it seems. So teams in the NL East & West better win their divisions otherwise they are not going to the post season.

All the teams could use help with starting pitching so all 5 teams are in the bidding for the Brewers, Gallardo, Marlins, Nolasco & Cubs, Garza.

Arizona - If Brandon McCarthy does not come back the D-Backs will need to get another SP especially with the year Ian Kennedy is having. Also if JJ Putz can't hold up going to need someone for the 9th inning as Bell can't be trusted and David Hernandez has been very inconsistent.

Colorado - Great lineup & bullpen has been strong but need another good starter desperately.

San Diego - Need a good starting pitcher and a everyday outfielder to improve their lineup.

San Fran - Like SD need a good starting pitcher and an outfielder.

Dodgers - Need a good starter and if continue to have problems closing out games need someone for the 9th inning.

Cueto Mystery:
Okay Johnny Cueto has been on the DL now for the 3rd time with this mysterious Lat injury as well as during last years post season. Maybe the Reds Medical staff should get their act together give and totally understand his injury and give him the proper rest that he needs so when he comes back he is 100%.

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