Monday, July 15, 2013

NL King - Trade Talks Need to Keep it Friendly

Just like in real Major League Baseball where you have buyers and sellers all across the globe in fantasy baseball keeper leagues you have buyers and sellers as well. As trade talks go on in fantasy baseball between buyers and sellers I sell a lot of mistakes being made by fantasy owners in trade talks.

Batter Up Remember the Team Selling is a Frustrated Owner:
For those of you in the hunt in your leagues obviously at this point and time you have had a ta least a good year. But for the team selling they have had a rough year and one full of frustration. You have to know your audience. Look as the selling team I am not saying to be a snake oil salesman or anything like that but realize the team that your trying to make a rebuilding trade is very frustrated. Alienating them by telling them what a bad job they did be it in the draft, a trade during during the year or recent rebuilding trade is not going to help you make a trade with that owner. Odds are it will kill trade talks.

Up Second Always Keep it Friendly:
Like I said in my article the art of the trade you always want to keep your trade talks friendly & cordial. This can only help get a deal done. It's hard enough making deals on finding common ground when everyone is rolling up their selves in talking trade in a friendly manner. Creating a hostile environment makes making a deal almost impossible.

In the 3-Hole You Can't Make a Met Fan into a Yankee Fan:
What I mean by this if you are offering a player which you really like and you think has really good value but your counterpart does not well then you need to find other players to make a deal happen. If the other owner is on the fence about a player with some concerns or has one major concern about the player then you could again in a friendly manner illustrate some key facts or stats that will help them see the value of this player. Good outside information on this player from a solid reliable source on the web can help and sending that info to the other owner can really help get a deal done. But just don't send them the Iliad in terms of information. But if the team you are trying to make a trade with does not like this player you are offering at all then do not try to convince them they should like this player. Everyone has many opinions about players in fantasy baseball and if your dealing with an owner who really does not like a player nothing you can say is going to change from dislike to like. Being on the fence or worried about a key point is different from total dislike.

In the Cleanup Hole a Team that is Flexible gets a Deal Done
Any kind of deal be it off-season, two teams in contention or a rebuilding deal, teams that are the most flexible get deals done.

In the 5th Spot You are not Phil Hellmuth:
What I mean by this is too often I hear stories regarding trade talks when owners carry on like this is the world series of poker and I am going to get this other owner and win this deal. If your in a competitive league with smart owners those kind of deals are not going to happen. Trying to emulate Phil Hellmuth at the table of world series of poker in your trade talks is about the worst thing one can do. Playing poker is different from playing fantasy baseball.

Finally Attitude is Everything
This kind of illustrates my point above but really you want to have reflected very positive attitude in your trade talks. If someone is being a bit ridiculous with their offers you can tell them that in a friendly manner and by not saying your being ridiculous. Both sides are trying to sell each other in this rebuilding deal that this deal is going to help each other immensely. Have to have a positive attitude. Can you imagine going into a store and looking to buy an expensive item and the salesman has a bad attitude or critics you on your knowledge in not so friendly way. Would you buy that expensive item from that salesman?

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