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NL King - What in the Wide World of Sports Has Happened to these NL Hitters?

Today I am going to list a number of hitters in the NL who this seasons have been colossal disappointments. It's very hard to explain how someone so good can have such a poor season sometimes. Let's break it down, this list is in alphabetical order.

Starlin Castro - CHC - 5HR, 27RBI, 41R, 7SB, .234 Avg
What happened to this guy? Going into last August it looked like Castro was on the cusp of being a star. But finished last season poorly and this year has been a disaster. Castro's K's are ridiculous. Obviously the league has adjusted to Castro but where are Castro's adjustments? Castro had some off the field off-season issues during the off-season so is his attention focused on reaching his potential? Castro is only 23 so I am not writing him off yet but this year has been a huge disappointment and I am sure Theo Epstein & the boys upstairs are very frustrated and can't make heads or tails of it.

Ike Davis - NYM - 5HR, 18RBI, 19R, 2SB, .171 Avg
Last season you could explain Ike Davis horrible 1st half, Davis had missed most of the prior season and was dealing with some form of valley fever. So this year heading into 2013 after a strong 2nd half last year all signs pointed to Davis being a strong power bat. It has not happened. David just did about a 3 week stint in AAA to work on his swing and get his confidence back. I am sure Davis owners I hoping for a repeat in the 2nd half like last year. That is possible because power hitters can go on streaks but at this point if I was a Davis owner I would be happy with just solid production from him the rest of the way.

Danny Espinosa - Wsh - 3HR, 12RBI, 11R, 1SB, .158 Avg
Horrible horrible start to the season and then had to rest his injured wrist and now is working on his swing in the minors to try and find it and still hasn't. Granted Espinosa has never been a high average guy but qualified at both 2B & SS going into the season and was basically a 20 / 20 man last 2 years with some improvement to his average. However maybe that rotater cuff injury from the end of last year is still bothering him. Now looks like his days in Washington are done with Anthony Rendon taking over 2B.

Andre Ethier - LAD - 5HR, 27RBI, 28R, 3SB, .272 Avg
It's been very simply for Ethier in his career, when he has been healthy he has been a really good power & RBI man with an average between .285 - .290. Well Ethier has been healthy this year but his production has been poor.

David Freese - STL - 5HR, 29RBI, 29R, 1SB, .278 Avg
I have always liked Freese's bat key with him is staying healthy. Has has his share of ailments this year as always but when he has played his power production especially is way down.

Corey Hart - Mil - Been injured all year & is now out for the season.
Hart's knee surgery back in the Spring was suppose to mean a late April return. That time table then became mid May then sometime in June and then out for the season. Players coming back from injuries very easily can have setbacks we see it all the time. However I am sure on draft day many owners felt hey come early May I get Hart back and get a really good power bat for 5/6 of the season. That has not worked out.

Chase Headley - SD - 7HR, 29RBI, 31R, 5SB, .227Avg
The good news is Headley was back with the Padres 3 weeks into season instead of early May due to a late Spring Training thumb injury. Now did we think that Headley would repeat his monster year last year? Probably not but there is no way Headley should be hitting .227. Keep in mind Headley last year produced both at home and on the road & this year the Padres moved in the fences. Maybe Headley is swinging too much for the fences? Keep in mind in Headley's monster year last year he was good in the 1st half and was great in the 2nd half.

Jason Heyward - Atl - 7HR, 21RBI, 35R, 2SB, .229 Avg
After last year it looked like Jason Heyward was ready to become a NL fantasy star. But a ridiculously poor April and then an injury missing about a month set his season way behind. Heyward only 23 I am still a believer, I think at least a solid 2nd half is going to happen.

Matt Kemp - LAD - 4HR, 24RBI, 29R, 9SB, .254 Avg
Kemp seasons has been one of slumps and injuries. Where has the Matt Kemp of 2011 gone? Last year you could explain Kemp reduction in production because he missed 56 games & had hamstring issues so his steals were way down. This season Kemp has been awful from the get go. His team is in a pennant race so just maybe when he comes off the DL later this month he can have a strong August & September. But again a lot of that could hinge on how his body is feeling. There are many fantasy owners out there from Hong Kong to Topeka who are going to come up a little bit short of winning their leagues because of Matt Kemp's season.

Jason Kubel - Arz - 4HR, 25RBI, 17R, 0SB, .251 Avg
What happened to the 30HR guy in 141 games last year? D-Backs have quite a few outfielders especially with Adam Eaton now back. Kubel could find himself mostly in a platoon position the rest of the season. Keep in mind D-Backs not married to Kubel as next year is a team option with only a 1 million dollar buyout.

Cameron Maybin - SD - 1HR, 5RBI, 7R, 4SB, .157 Avg
I put Maybin on this list simply because all of us NL only roto players have been waiting forever for his breakout year. Even though he is just 26 I don;t think it's ever coming. Hard to believe once upon a time he was the key player in a trade where the Tigers got Miguel Cabrera.

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