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NL King - Who Will Be Moved in the NL?

I know it's been since last Tuesday morning since my last baseball article. For you hockey fans I am also writing for ProHockeyRumors.com so check me out over there as well. Now to the baseball.

When will look at the NL landscape of buyers and sellers there is questions of who will be moved or not.

100% Sellers:
Cubs - They are at the fore front as they have probably one of the best trading chips in all of MLB in Matt Garza. Garza is showing when healthy he is a front line starter with his recent outings and that his injuries are behind him now finally. The Cubs have a lot of options with Garza one of which is trying to sign him to a long term deal, which appraently discussions are ongoing in that vain. Remember Garza is only 29 and the Cubs and their ownership want a winner so unless they get a huge package for Garza maybe they sign him to a long term extension? The Cubs also can offer Garza a qualifying offer in the off-season assuring themselves of getting high draft pick compensation if they don't trade him. I think Theo and the boys are looking at all of their options but I am sure they are letting it be known to teams you want Matt Garza it's going to take a really good package of young players / prospects. Garza is in play but it's an expensive one. The Cubs would move Alfonso Soriano to an AL team in a heartbeat but would have to eat significant dollars to do it and get very little back. Depending upon when David DeJesus comes back this summer I can also see the Cubs listening to offers on him as well although the Cubs do have a team option on him for next season.

Marlins - After trading Nolasco I think where the Marlins are at in terms of trading any other pieces is to see if they can get some team to send them a good prospect or young player who needs a good bullpen arm such as Steve Cishek (Tigers ?). Also team that could use another player for their outfield might be interested in Juan Pierre. Pierre could be a good 4th outfielder to add to a team. In a trade like this the Marlins staff would have to do a good job of some low level sleeper minor leaguers. I don't not expect the Marlins to think about trading guys like Stanton or Morrison until the off-season.

Brewers - If the Brewers can get a deal like they did last summer when they traded Greinke to the Angels for Yovanni Gallardo I believe he will be 100% moved for sure. But Gallardo is going to have to pick it up the rest of this month for that kind of deal to present itself. The question is if a good but not great deal is on the table for the Brewers do they take it for Gallardo? He has given them years of inconsistency & frustration at times so I say they would move him if a good deal is offered.

In or Out:
Like George Clooney said to Matt Damon in the first Oceans Eleven "You either in or your out". So that's the question for the Rockies & Padres are they in or out? Going into Monday's action the Rockies were 5 games under .500 & the Padres were 7 games under .500, hardly a contender right? Well not in the NL West where each team only finds themselves 5 games behind the 1st place D-Backs in the loss column. So a good streak or a bad one over the next 2 weeks can define if the Rockies and Padres are buyers or sellers. If the Rockies are sellers they would entertain offers for Cuddyer & Betancourt for sure. The Padres I don't see any selling pieces on their main roster other than Houston Street. Even if the Padres do not think they can sign Headley which I don;t think they have come to that conclusion, now would not be the time to trade him after a bad 1st half. But could I see a trade of Street to the Tigers for some prospects? You betcha.

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