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The Fantasy Man's 2018 Fantasy Baseball 2B Second Base Rankings

The Fantasy Man's 2018 Fantasy Baseball 2B Second Basemen Rankings

I think there's quick perception that 2B is weak this year and looking at the this list, it feels like that could be obvious. You have your top 7 or 8, a few questions marks, and then its anyone's guess from there.  However, I think this is fairly deep.  I could see this being a position where if I miss out on overpaying for Jose Altuve I'll just wait until the end of the draft and scoop up a Jason Kipnis, Ian Kinsler, Javier Baez, Starlin Castro, Jonathan Villar, or Kolten Wong and totally sleep well at night.

This first group is obvious.  You can make a case to bump down Robinson Cano since he's 35 but the dude still mashes, never gets hurt, and will contribute in everything but SB, including OBP. So here you go, the obvious...

Jose Altuve - #2 pick in draft all day and yes, I'm paying $50 in an auction
Jose Ramirez - .300BA/30HR/20SB/100R/85RBI upside, still only 25 and nice discount to Altuve
Brian Dozier - Difference from Ramirez is BA, but offers more power
Daniel Murphy - Has knee thing, news hasn't updated yet but nice discount for early drafts
Jonathan Scoop - Dozier upside with better BA but minus the speed in a hitters park
Robinson Cano - He's 35 this year but he's durable and still contributes above average in top 4 cats

This is my target group below if I miss on Altuve. I love the multi position eligibility of Eduardo Nunez, Chris Taylor and Marwin Gonzalez.  Taylor is going to lead off with that power/speed combo and Gonzalez has shown ability to hit for power and batting average with a 5-10 SB.  Great news is that both players are rarely chosen before the 10th round which is about where Taylor goes. Gonzalez's ADP is 185 which to me is criminal. You can get Nunez in rounds 6-8 but I like Taylor as the better value a few rounds later.

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Eduardo Nunez -Multi eligibility .300/20/30 upside, injured knee late 2017, 6-7th round ADP
Chris Taylor - Multi eligibility .280/20/20 guy leading off in a potentate lineup. Yes please!
Marwin Gonzalez - Multi eligibility, found power stroke last year, really nice value for production
Dee Gordon - BA and speed is what you get here, will play CF and pad your SB cat
Whit Merrifield - Late bloomer feels like a .290/15/25 season but I don't like the lineup behind him
Rougned Odor - Question mark, 30/15 combo but can hit .200, BA upside here but risky for cost
Scooter Gennett - This guy cracks me up .295/27/97 last year out of nowhere. He's only 27 but I don't see the repeat, but thats just me.

There's some heavy upside in this group for sure.  Everyone here has talent and opportunity, but huge questions marks.  Personally, I love the upside of Javier Baez with full playing time.  I love the value with Jonathan Villar with playing time as his stock is super low.  And Starlin Castro is a nice fallback option if you get desperate.

DJ LeMahieu - Bump down because he lacks HR/RBI/SB. Not enough there for me to take seriously
Jason Kipnis - I like how he's low hype this year, he's only 30, should be a nice value if healthy
Ian Kinsler - Most will just pass over like Kipnis and he's still get you 20/10+ or close, another value
Starlin Castro - He hasn't padded stats, but there's hidden upside here on the cheap at age 27
Paul Dejong - This is my biggest ? in the draft this year, total crapshoot performance goes either way
Javier Baez - I want to be onboard when this guy gets 500+ AB, could be the year, nice sleeper value
Jose Peraza - Lacks the power but plenty of upside if he has a full-time position
Ian Happ - Feels like the Joc Pederson of 2B, mega power, some speed, walks, but K's a ton
Ozzie Albies - Could be 20/20, could be 10/10. They say he's special, don't overpay unless dynasty
Yoan Moncada - Nice power/speed upside but will fan 30% of the time
Jonathan Villar - Research spring news, if he rights ship he's steal of the draft #yourwelcome
Kolten Wong - There's upside here in both power and speed, decent BA, OBP for stupid cheap
Josh Harrison - Solid and serviceable player who contributes to all 5 cats especially if he bats up top
Yangervis Solarte - Move to TOR + 400 AB could get you 18-22 HR with a .280+ BA
Wilmer Flores - 25+HR power and destroys lefties, 400+AB will return nice value
Cesar Hernandez - BA, runs and SB if he leads off as a full-timer
Logan Forsythe - Last year we were talking about a 20HR/.260/8SB guy before injury season
Chris Owings - Dude was white hot to start the year then broke a finger, ARI need to trade Drury
Brandon Drury - Its Owings or Drury, rumors say Drury on the block
Austin Barnes - Has 2B/C eligibility which is crazy, versatility worth a late flier unless he's a starter then bump up

If you need to get crazy with prospects, these two jump off the page. Bump them up in dynasty leagues with Albies, Moncada and Happ. These two are the type I'll save an active roster spot for a buck in keeper leagues.  Torres more hyped but Kingery should be around for a buck or so..

Gleyber Torres - Has opportunity to break camp with team but will cost you in draft value
Scott Kingery - Hit 26HR in AAA, 20+SB guy, only 23 - stock is rising, better value than Torres

This group is, well, its a group.  In their heyday.... I mean, they were good, might still be, but we don't really know.  And they all offer something with 400+ AB besides age :) but I'm not in the mood to rank them because they'll likely just sit on your bench ...

Jose Reyes 
Neil Walker
Brandon Phillips
Ben Zobrist
Dustin Pedroia
Joe Panik
Cory Spangenburg
Jed Lowrie
Asdrubal Cabrera

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