Tuesday, February 13, 2018

The Fantasy Man's 2018 Fantasy Baseball SS Shortstops Rankings

The Fantasy Man's 2018 Fantasy Baseball SS Shortstop Rankings

Shortstop as usual feels weak but like 2B, I like the upside of many of the players that could be had on the cheap.  Players like Chris Taylor, Javier Baez, Addison Russell, Orlando Arcia and Marcus Semien all offer some kind of power and or speed combo and all have youth on their side.  Middle infield this year is tricky but there's some breakout candidates hidden below.  Either way, I'm treating Trea Turner as top 4 pick overall in any draft.  If I have the last wraparound pick, I look to grab any two of Correia/Machado/Ramirez to soak up some position scarcity early.  Lindor falls in the last 2nd early 3rd for those with the top pick and the second wraparound.

Trea Turner - Full season could net you 20HR/60SB - no brainer top 4 pick overall for me
Carlos Correia - .300/30/100/90 but lacks SB in a top 1st round pick
Manny Machado - Same as Correia but .290BA+ upside with 6-10 SB
Jose Ramirez - Contributes heavily to all 5 cats and is cheaper than Correia/Machado
Francisco Lindor - The value over Correia/Machado lies here. Same power, more speed, but less BA
Corey Seager - .295/22/77 in 2017 but was hurt all year, nice upside with health

Quality group here as I like the idea of loading up power with Story, I think he's better than a .243 BA. I also feel Bogearts has more to offer than what we've seen so if he falls in my lap cheap I'll sleep at night...

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Elvis Andrus - This guy was a monster, cool if its real but I'm not buying it until he does it again
Didi Gregorious - Left power in Yankee Stadium, solid average, potent lineup - makes sense
Trevor Story - Dude has 35 HR power but risk a - .260 BA. If he hits .270+ you'll profit
Xander Bogearts - Most peg for a bust as projections are weak but I actually like a sneaky break out

This is the group where The Fantasy Man does his damage.  So much upside here. I'm happy with any one, two, or three of these guys soaking up my middle infield. really like the versatility in this group as well...

Eduardo Nunez - 30 SB upside, .300BA potential, multi position eligibility but is a bit injury prone
Jean Segura - Contributes in all cats but could reasonably expect .300/12-15HR/23-26SB
Chris Taylor - I like the .280/20/20 potential batting leadoff for a potent lineup
Marwin Gonzalez - I'm a believer in the power, the playing time, and the multi position eligibility
Paul Dejong - Another out of nowhere performance I have trouble deciding if it was real
Addison Russell - I bump up because talent is there, still only 24 and will be overlooked heavily
Javier Baez - The opportunity factor is keeping his price low. I believe in the break out ...
Orlando Arcia - power/speed combo who makes contact, only 23 but bats low in the order
Marcus Semien - Capable of a 25+/15 season with sub .270 BA but on the cheap, poor mans T Story
Tim Anderson - power/speed combo with contact issues, only 24, bats lead off, hitters park = upside
Jose Peraza - Still has the 40SB potential, will start the year at SS, and is seemingly overlooked

Here's your speculation group.  Some real nice prospects.  We've seen Swanson's stock take a dip after underperforming as a rookie last season.  His stock is so low that you can stash him for a buck in most mixed auction keeper leagues.  Otherwise, I'm passing over these guys because I can't be bothered honestly :)

Dansby Swanson - Nice low hype after dismal rookie season, still talented though
Ahmed Rosario - All 'pedigree' but hasn't shown any power, his hype costs too much
JP Crawford - All hype in minors, but hasn't proven anything including power or speed
Ketel Marte - BA/Speed is enticing but likely hit at the bottom of order, feels like O Arcia of '17
Jorge Polanco - Could get a .275/15/15+ out of him with some good BABIP, only 24 and the starter

These guys are serviceable and likely the first ones you'll pick up off the waiver wire after a hot start in April.  Tulo has obviously talent but the injury risk is just too much to deal with. They are play almost every day and are simply serviceable, better in AL or NL Only formats.

Brandon Crawford - $1-$3 production is serviceable
Tim Beckham - Offers 20HR/70RBI upside but has contact issues
Troy Tulowitzski - Health, cough cough, oh I broke my hamstring
Yangervis Solarte - For when Tulo breaks his hamstring, 20+HR in TOR with good BA
Alcides Escobar - I expect more of the same unless he pulls an Elvis Andrus 2017 out of his rear
Andrelton Simmons - Great real life player but just doesn't accumulate enough in mixed leagues

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